What did you need to catch this amount?

let's think about overfishing!

Overfishing means, to fish  to such a degree as to upset the ecological balance
and exhaust the natural conditions. The reasons for the overfishing are economic
interests, high request for fish from the customer and the technical development
in fishing. As a result the fish stock decrease more and more and sometimes
even cause extinction of a fish species. For example, overfishing of sharks has led to the upset of entire marine ecosystems.

     possible solution, at least for some areas, is fishing  quotas, so fishermen can only legally take a certain amount of fish. A more radical possibility is declaring certain areas of the sea "no-go zones" and make fishing there strictly illegal, so the fish in that area have time to recover and repopulate.

If you eat fish make sure you know what you eat, and pick the ones with the lowest impact.

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