The Tytron Project

The concept of data collection for everyday life has always interested me. When I discovered the Feltron Report, I looked through every one to see the creative ways that this man decided to use to document his daily life. I really liked his 2006 Report entry about music and his 2012 Report entry about sleep, because I've considered doing data collection on both of those things. It's interesting to know how your tastes in music change over the course of a year, and it's interesting to note how your sleep schedule changes over time.

I would like to either use an existing app or develop an app that precisely documented how much I listen to a song, how often I listen to that song, what genre that song is from, even when I stop listening to certain songs, to get an idea of what parts of certain songs I enjoy. It would be interesting to get a tangible collection of data for my music tastes. As for sleep patterns, it's unfortunate that I'll soon be graduating from college, because I would have liked to get data for sleep patterns that included being in college, as I'm well aware of how little sleep I get throughout a college semester. I would be most interested to see averages for each day of the week to determine when I get the most sleep and when I get the least sleep. The tricky art about getting sleep data would be figuring out how to determine exactly when I fall asleep at night.

Using this information (especially the sleep data), I would be able to curb my sleep habits to better myself and my physical health. Perhaps when I have more time after college I can document the amount of sleep I get while working at my new job. I would also be interested in eating habits on a daily basis to better understand how healthy I'm eating or how poorly I'm eating.

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3 years ago

there's actually a kind of wristband computer (the fitbit) that exists now that you can wear and it records all kinds of data, and uploads it to a computer via wifi. Sleep data is one area it monitors actually. Do you think that we will come to think of ourselves as high performance machines that can (and should be) fine-tuned for optimum performance? It could maximize our bodies, but I also wonder if it will also prove to be a kind of burden...on sleep, I've also heard that Americans are used to waking up in the morning and automatically calculating how much sleep they got the night before, and that other cultures don't do this. It would be interesting to know what sorts of "desired" data might vary culturally, and what might be consistent across most cultures...