1. A totally useless box that provides endless fun! Every time you flip the switch on the Useless Box, a little finger pops out and turns itself off! Exclusive Red LED included. Make your box glow red! Black Do It Yourself Useless Box

why did i make this

I made this because i saw it on mr.coy's desk and it seemed cool and  funny

what were some challenges

Some challenges were that i didn't have enough time to actually finish the project but i basically finished my other problem was that the box was too big to print.

How did i over come the problem

I overcame the problem by cutting the box in half so it'll print with no problem

what i like and dislike about the project

I dis like that it was to big to print and that it was hard to design on tinkercad (tinkerad is a 3d designing website )i liked that it was kinda easy to make but it was hard too.