Greek Mythology

By. Becca

Greek Alphabet

Greek Facts

1. Did you know that the most famous hero was Achilles because he was indestructible? (Except for his left heel.)

2. Did you also know that there are 125 Greek gods, goddesses and muses all put together (Both minor and magor)



Hades is the youngest out of the first six gods and goddesses. He is the god of the underworld and has a pet dog with three heads named Cerberus. His wife is Persephone the daughter of Demeter.


Poseidon is the second oldest out of the six children, he is the god of earthquakes and water. He created the horse and the Pegasus. He mainly stays in the water instead of on Mount Olympus.  


Hestia was the third oldest out of the six children. She is the goddesses of the hearth and home, and always wants to keep things clean. She also stay a flame because when she came out of Koronos she went so fast that she burnt up.


Demeter is the fourth oldest of the six, she is the goddess of plants. Her daughter is Persephone and whenever she stays with Hades, she doesn't let any plants grow. ( Winter) Then when Persephone is with Demeter she lets the plants grow. ( Summer\Spring.)


Hera is the goddess of woman and children. When Zeus asked Hera to marry her she said that she would have to say "I love you." to him. So Zeus turned into a Dove and flew into a storm, Hera saw the Dove, saved it and said "I love you" to it. They Lived Happily Ever After.     


Zeus the god of the sky and ruler of the Universe. His wife is Hera, but still falls in love with other mortal woman. Most of the Gods and Goddesses are his kids. His brothers and him swore on the River Styx that they wouldn't have any more kids that would be half mortal and half god but he still had two more, Hades had two and Poseidon had one.