Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth is a film company dedicated to producing entertaining online content such as weekly shows and even a film coming out called "Lazer Team".

Rooster Teeth's Founders

Rooster Teeth was founded on April 1st of 2003 by:

Burnie Burns. Net Worth: $5 Million

Matt Hullum (current CEO of Rooster Teeth)- Net Worth: $3 Million

Joel Heyman- Net Worth: $2 Million

Gus Sorola- Net Worth: $3 Million

and Geoff Ramsey- Net Worth: $3 Million

Rooster Teeth Community Stats

Since October of 2004, there have been

- 1,776,697 memberships made on

- and 64 million journal posts, with 44,000 being made in the last week alone

All of Rooster Teeth's Shows

How to with Joel and Adam (gif is goat simulator)

"How to with Joel and Adam" is a show about Joel and Adam showing us the correct way to play our favorite games.

RT Animated Adventures (gif is Gavin won't sleep)

"RT Animated Adventures" is a show compiled of a bunch of animated snippets that are of specific funny events, usually told on the RT Podcast.

RT Recap (gif ft. Ray Narvaez Jr.)

The "RT Recap" is a recap of all the content that Rooster Teeth has put out in that previous week.

Happy Hour (gif ft. Geoff & Griffon)

"Happy Hour" is all about quirky and funny random events that usually involve Geoff Lazer Ramsey.

RT Sponsor Cut [Game Version] (gif ft. Gus, Adam, Barbara, Kyle, and Joel)

"RT Sponsor Cut" is a show that is exclusive to sponsors and is compiled of a random mixture of Rooster Teeth employees usually playing, but not limited to, Cards Against Humanity.

On The Spot (ft. Jon Risinger)

"On The Spot" is a game show with two teams of two facing off against each other using only their wits to give the best answer on the spot. Hosted by Jon Risinger.

RT News (Also known as "The Know" or "The Know It All" Hosted by Ashley Jenkins)

(gif ft. Gavin & Ray, this variant of the RT News is "Lad Action News")

"RT News" covers everything about video game news in small and easily consumable episodes.

RT Life (ft. Geoff tickling Gavin)

"RT Life" is a show that follows random Rooster Teeth employees doing random things in life.

Ten Little Roosters (ft. Burnie, Lindsay, Gus, Chris, Miles, Gavin, Adam, Michael, Barbara, and Ryan)

"Ten Little Roosters" is a murder mystery show that follows ten Rooster Teeth employees trapped in the Rooster Teeth Production Studio with a mysterious killer.


"RWBY" is an anime that follows a group of 4 female characters that have joined a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.

Red Vs. Blue

"Red Vs. Blue" is the staple product of Rooster Teeth. Based off the video game franchise "Halo", this show is about 2 teams of soldiers fighting each other over the control of a box canyon in the middle of know-where.

X-Ray & Vav (ft. Ray & Gavin)

"X-Ray & Vav" is an animated cartoon about two "super" heroes who fight crime.

Let's Play Minimations

"Let's Play Minimations" is a series of little animations of funny moments in Achievement Hunter's (Rooster Teeth's gaming focused channel) "Let's Play" series.

The Slow-Mo Guys (Ft. Gavin & Dan)

"The Slow-Mo Guys", being sort of self-explanatory, follows the adventures of two best friends and their lusty desire to film amazing acts of "science" in super slow motion.

Social Disorder (ft. Chris & Aaron)

"Social Disorder" is a game show where Chris and Aaron compete against each other in quirky and sociable acts of embarrassment.

RT Shorts

"RT Shorts" is a series of random short comedic films.


"Immersion" is a show where video game mechanics, advantages, and disadvantages are tested in the real world.

The Gauntlet

"The Gauntlet" is a game show where teams of games must compete against each other in video games to win.

A Simple Walk Into Mordor (ft. Chris & Kerry)

"A Simple Walk Into Mordor" was a show that followed the journey of Chris and Kerry take a "simple" walk to Mordor.

Nature Town

"Nature Town" is an animated web series about talking animals that shows you why pandas hate squirrels, why owls are so smart, and what turtles really think about global warming.


"StrangerHood" is show that follows the life of a group of people in the Sims 2 universe.

Rooster Teeth Podcast (gif ft. Gus, Gavin, Jack, Barbara, Burnie, and Joe the cat)

"The Rooster Teeth Podcast" is a podcast in which current events, feelings, and opinions are mumbled in between large amounts of alcoholic beverages being consumed.

Screen Play (gif ft. Meg, Jon, Chris, and JJ)

"Screen Play" is a podcast that primarily talks about movies and films.

The Patch (gif ft. Ryan Haywood)

"The Patch" is Rooster Teeth's gaming podcast that talks everything video games.

Sponsor Cast

"Sponsor Cast" is a series that is exclusive to sponsors of Rooster Teeth only. The shows are usually podcasts about specific subjects.


"Quickdraw" is a small sponsor only series that involves the Rooster Teeth employee Patrick drawing other Rooster Teeth employees in a cartoon fashion.

Sponsor Play

"Sponsor Play" is another exclusive show that follows Miles and Kyle playing video games.

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