Hi I'm Zoe and this is my tackk !

Hi everbody , I'm so sorry to do my tackk now ! First I would like to introduce myself : I'm 15 years old , I love horse riding and dancing . I've got one little sister and her name is Annette . I've got one cat and its name is Crumble :) it's the kindest and  most beautiful cat I've ever seen . My favorite singer is Taylor Swift , my favorite song of her is 'You belong with me' .My favourite band is Little Mix , because I think they are beautiful voices !  I love reading , and my favourite sagas are : Harry Potter and The Lying Games . My favourite biscuits are the famous Oreos <3 !!!

XOXO Zoe :)

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3 years ago

You belong with me is such a good song by Taylor. 💙💙