Do you beieve our world needs good people? The world is over runned with bad influences but there are a few with good mind sets. The world needs good people because other people could get their kindness and greatness off of them and not be that bad person anymore.  People have an affect on peoples lives. For examples, nurses and doctors do everything they can to save other peoples lives and future. Not only do doctors and nurses affect peoples lives but also firefighters. The world needs good people to be good influences in times of need. They help others make the right choices in tough times.

Letter of recommendation

              To whom it may concern,

      It gives me great pleasure to recommend Haredt Gonzalez. He is the best athlete/student. He is smart and can be a nut sometimes but when it comes down to business, he is focused and dedicated to his work and future. The reason for this letter is to show everyone else how great this person is. He's there for you all the time and a good friend to count on. He's a great role model to kids and to his peers.


Tristan Morales


6070 Shurety Dr.


My first career goal is to be a professional athlete in football or baseball. If all goes bad then my back up plan is to be a veterinarian.

In elementary I attended Paso Del Norte & Chester E. Jordan and out of those years I have won 2nd place in the spelling bee competition & got 1st in the science. In middle school I first attended Hernando Middle and got perfect attendance then left to go to East Montana Middle where I completed the rest of 2 & a half years to accomplish having straight A's and having perfect attendance all those years. Plus, making the football, basketball, & baseball team. In high school I attended El Dorado 9th Grade Academy, which will now be Pebble Hills High, and I will be attending El Dorado High school and what I've accomplished these years was getting A's & B's & making the JV baseball team.

I have some experience babysitting. I took care of my brother while my parents work.

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