the main item of the game. What does it do?


  • This is the main character is not really a character but an item that make the game work an have purpose the gem is stolen and you have to put it back before it kills you.
  • My project is an flash game made on scratch Called the Death Gem. I spent 3 days on the project and im really happy with it.
  • No not really i just had an idea and went with it.
  • I made it because i thought it would be harder to make and an puzzler to create.


My prosess was moslty finding and making pictures to apply to my game. Using inkscape and google images.

  • Learning the code for scratch and working inkscape
  • Mostly figuring out how to use scratch.


  • mabe i will make a bank robbery game?
  • the expirance of making my own game.
  • not make it a flash game.