The Struggle Of Conflict

In the book "The Great Gatsby" by ‎F. Scott Fitzgerald showed man examples of conflict in the story. Throughout the book multiple characters were at each others throat through various conflicts. One of those conflicts were tom and Jay Gatsby. the conflict they portrayed had to do with the infamous Daisy. Both men so dearly loved her, but Gatsby, was content with the thought that daisy only loved Gatsby, and went with Tom for his money because at the time Gatsby was poor. On the other hand Tom, Daisy's current husband, was furious when he found out his wife was sleeping with Jay, the conflict arousing between Tom and Gatsby being who Daisy loves more, untimely leading to being Tom.  Another conflict would be Myrtle and Wilson. Even though they are married, Tom sadly is poor. In Myrtles eyes she thinks she deserves to live with a rich and wealthy man. And that's were Tom comes in. Myrtle is Toms mistress. Wilson, not knowing about this soon finds out later in the novel and is furious. Leading to the conflict of where Wilson is abusing her.


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