The Shack

Cast and Characters

Missy: I would like Missy's character to be played by Mia Talerico. Mia has her own show, called "Good Luck Charlie." I think she would be a cute fit for Missy because she does well playing the role of the adorable inquisitive child.

Mack: I would cast someone like Adam Sandler as Mack. Adam Sandler is an amazing in actor, and I know he specializes in family comedy films, but everyone once in a while he stars in a serious movie and its amazing. I feel like he's awkward enough for the idea of encountering all those different God's.

Jesus: I would cast Nicolas Cage as Jesus. I think Nicolas's long hair look would be appropriate for the common image of Jesus, but also, Nicolas has an average everyday person look to him. Jesus wore jeans in the book, who rocks a good pair of jeans better than Cage?

Papa: For Papa I would cast the old Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson. She is sassy, and plays the strong black woman role very well. She is also a very bright person, and she gives a heart warming performance in every role I've seen her in. I think she would be able to relate to things in the story fairly well.

Sarayu: I would cast Sarayu as Samantha Futerman. I think Sarayu would be a really hard character to play and with Samantha's role in, "Memoirs Of a Geisha, " I think she would definitely be able to conquer the challenge.


Pg. 80 (Mack sees the shack in a new light.)

Pg. 76 (The image of the shack is given in a negative manner.)

Events In The Plot

I think that I would definitely include the scene where Mack goes to get the mail and finds the letter from Papa. I think it's important to have the scene where Mack encounters all three parts of the holy trinity. I would make sure the chaos before Missy's disappearance is a scene, as well as the big search and bad news . One scene that I think is VERY important is where Mack tells the children about the Indian Princess.

Deleted Scenes

I would delete the scene where Mack calls Nan to tell her about the letter from Papa. I don't think I would delete many scenes from the movie, I feel like my problem with many of the scenes where that they were too long. I feel movies shorten stories either way, so everything is all gravy otherwise.

Creative License

This may come off as boring but I think I would make the forward a BIG part of the movie. The movie would start with Willie writing and his thoughts would be the narration you hear. Then you would see scenes, very short clips of the things he's describing.

Personal Ephihaoy

I think this book has taught me not to be so closed minded with my images of God. It opened my eyes to the idea also that I am connected with others in a deeper sense that I thought, the world, I mean not even my world, no world revolves around me. I also think that EVERYTHING in life can be given a positive twist is you allow it and now I just need to allow it.

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