By: Grace Evans and Lexi Obryant


~The first watch was invented in 1504 in Nuremburg, Germany.

~The inventor was Peter Henlein

~The purpose of it is to tell time

~When first invented, it was used as a pocket watch

~Now it is worn on your wrist

How it impacts society

Watches impact society in a positive way because you can tell time very quick. They are also very cute at times so a lot of people get them just to be in style. Watches can also impact society in a negative way. Some people waste their money getting very expensive ones. For example... men and Rolex's.

Science-The scientists discovered that the device could tell time.

Technology-Technologist made the hands on the clock to move.

Engineering-Designed what is was going to look like.

Math-determined the diameter, length, and the shape of the device.

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