The Roman Army

an d their tactics

The Romans were very smart when it came to their army they were the best. The Romans would use all types of tactics to make sure they came out on top. One of their tactics was to make a barrier around them from all angles ( made from their shields ) called a tortoise formation. When the roman made a tortoise formation they were basically unstoppable, because you wouldn't be able to shoot them with arrows or go up to them and stab them because then they would make a small hole in their barrier ( shields ) and then stab you. There are also other battle tactics like : The Orb, The wedge, The Skirmishing Formation and Repel Cavarly. That is just a few the Romans used many more tactics. The Romans carried many weapons each weapon for a purpose, a purpose to kill: Pugio, Gladius, Hasta, Javelin, Pilum, Bow, Dart, Torso( which was their armour ), Scutum, Parma, Cetra etc. The Romans were very smart with their weapons especially their spears. The Romans would put a little barb on the end of the spear so if you were hit by it you would have a hard time getting it out. Another tactic with their spears was that they were made out of a soft metal so if they missed the spear would bend so they couldn't throw it back, but it would still be strong enough to go through you.

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