The Five Themes of Geography


Placed refers to the way in which we describe the cultural or physical characteristics of a specific cities, state, countries or regions of the world.   

Ex: My family and I traveled place to place.


  • Location refers to where a specific city, state, country, or region can be found in the world.
  • Ex: The library was located in Rocky Mount, NC.
  • Movement

  • Movement refers to the way goods, ideas, and people travel to place to place.
  • Ex: Our family moved to Virginia so we can be closer to our grandma's house.
  • Region

  • Region refers to groups of locations that share similar characteristics.
  • Ex: We live in the eastern region.
  • Human-Enviromental interactions

  • Human- Environment interaction refers to the way the earth appears as a result of how humans have changed it.
  • Ex: Humans change the world by their environmental interactions.

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