Michael Phillip  Anderson
Joeseph Yoder


Michael P. Anderson was a great example for kids because he served in the Air Force and he was a awesome person to look up to. He was fearless and brave because he was an astronaut and he had never been an astronaut before. I think he is a great person to look up to and appreciate.

Michael Phillip Anderson was born on December 25, 1959 in Plattsburgh, New York. His family moved a lot because his dad was In the Air Force. Michael dreamed of being an astronaut. When Michael was 9 years old he loved to watch people land on the moon. He took imaginary trips to the moon in his top bunk. Michael had a passion for science and he was always inventing chemicals with his chemistry kit. Michael always wanted to fly an airplane and be a pilot. He went to Cheney High School in Washington State. He joined ROTC in Cheney High School. He then earned a scholarship through ROTC.

What Was His Early Life Like?

What Was His Adult Life Like?

Michael earned a master's degree in physics at Creighton University in 1990. After high school Michael joined the United States Air Force. He then was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and served in the Air Force for 4 years 1991-1995. Michael joined  NASA to become an astronaut and got a job as a payload commander.On January 16, 2003, Michael got prepared for his second trip to space. As Michael and his crew were coming through the atmosphere the Colombia shuttle burst into flames. They found Michael 200 miles away from the crash.

What Was His greatest Accomplishments?

In 1994  Michael was selected as a NASA astronaut candidate. He was the first African American astronaut. In 1998 Michael made his first flight to space. He went to the moon 2 times. As a memorial for Michael there is a highway named after him, Route 904, Washington State. He earned the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. He also earned the NASA Space Flight Medal, NASA Distinguished Service Medal, and Defense Distinguished Service Medal.


Michael Phillip Anderson was a great person to look up to. He risked his life in the military for us. He is strong brave and fearless because he was doing stuff that he had never done before. You should look up to him. He was great!


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