Animal Inspired Fashions

Lions, tigers, and birds, oh my! When it comes to making a statement nature will always answer the call. From all types of four-legged creatures and creepy-crawlies, embellishing everything from shoes, tees, bags, and more, it’s time to channel your inner beast.

As primal women, we can definitely take some inspiration from our four legged counterparts, especially in the area of fashion. Think about it; some of the most beautiful textures and patterns are influenced by the aesthetic of nature’s own wild fashionistas. It’s for this reason that animal print and wildlife inspired looks are a perpetual go-to in a gal’s wardrobe.

The fashion world’s attraction to the wild began in the 18th century when Europeans began colonizing Asia and Africa. Colonizers would bring home the skins of the exotic creatures such as leopards and zebras that they found there.

Shortly after this time, the fascinating patterns were being reproduced for the wealthy, hence leaving their mark on the industry. Century’s later, iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe established the aesthetic’s come-hither allure.

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Animal prints, patterns, and silhouettes will always remain relevant and can easily be updated to follow contemporary trends. Animal prints have claimed a permanent home in fashion, perpetually returning regardless of the season of trends.

These prints and patterns are like neutrals that can be worn with almost any item. These days, animal aesthetics used in fashion tend to be more subdued and abstractly projected.

Although not as overt as say the leopard prints used in your mother’s fashion heyday, they still scream tigress in a most chic way. This makes animal inspired fashion more elegant and appropriate for any occasion from work, the weekend, or even for formal evening-wear.

It’s hard to look at an exquisite animal and not think, “wow, check out those color combinations, brilliant textures, and interesting shapes.” With that being said, whenever you’re feeling a bit uninspired in your fashion game and are left tired of looking to redundant street style bloggers for sartorial guidance, simply look outside of your window (or enlist the help of Google according to your geographical location). You can easily find direction by taking fashion cues from your favorite wildlife residents.

Animal patterns are quite simple to pull off, even for the fashion novice. You can hit the spot in small doses if you fear the print will seem overwhelming. Echo the neutral palette by teaming the patterns with similar hues. Steer clear of ultra-short minis, cropped tops, and tanks — the idea isn’t to show your skin. Instead, opt for restrained pieces like sheath dresses, midiskirts, or loose trousers, which feel much more sophisticated.

Prefer to just dabble in the trend? You can also incorporate animal print accessories into a minimal or monochromatic ensemble. Accessorize with a hint of snake in the form of a cross-body bag or sleek open-toe heels

Along with rocking some of your favorite animal prints or patterns, there are other unique sartorial techniques for using your wildlife inspiration. You can easily interpret this animal influence into the overall aesthetic of your look.

Even pigeons got it goin’ on. Okay, I can already hear thoughts of protest on the pigeon thing, but imagine the perfect gray outfit with a pop of coral colored shoes. Not so bad, eh?

With summer here, this is the time to whip out those colorful dresses and designs that resemble animals. Be creative with your animalistic looks (pulling an Ariana Grande and rocking some baby cat ears does not count).

From basic feline animal print, to snakeskin patterns and images of actual animals on clothing, we’ve all been there and done that. Try something more unexpected, like a bird inspired silhouette or a fish influenced graphic design. The possibilities can be endless if you just look at certain items with the right eye and an open mind.

Attempt to craft thought-provoking and artistic comparisons. Take a look at some totally chic looks inspired by remarkable animal muses.

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