The Psychological Approach: "What motivates the characters?"

Crystal Carter

In the drama Oedipus the King, Laius is motivated to kill/injure Oedipus because Oedipus poses a threat to his throne and control over Thebes. Laius's motivation is royalty, fortune, and control.

Moreover, in Oedipus the King, Polybus and Merope, Oedipus's adoptive parents, try their best to keep Oedipus from finding out about his past and misfortune. They are motivated by love and bonding to keep Oedipus with them and happy.

In the poem "Scars", a boy who admires his father's scars and injuries. These scars make the boy want to be like his father; tough and strong. The boy's motivation for wanting to be like his father is his father's scars.

"Flaws" by Bastille is a song that emphasizes that faults and flaws that people have aren't always a bad thing, but they make us who we are. Flaws/faults make up the meaning for motivation to this song.

In the movie Whip It, a teenage girl finds interest in the agressive sport o

The movie The Blue Lagoon (1980) is about two kids who get lost at sea and have to live on a deserted island as they grow older. They are both stubborn, but are motivated to work together in order to survive. Their motivation is survival.

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