Learning Resources

Library eResources

Tired of your students only using Google for “research”? Have you shown them the Library eResources available in Peel?

This amazing collection of resources provides students access to the top magazines and newspapers from around the world, and allows them to filter their results to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Inquiry Connection

Deep inquiry requires justifying our positions. Providing students with the tools they need to access, find, and analyze a variety of texts from well edited publications is critically important.


Twitter has emerged as a tool that gives authentic voice and audience to anyone. This tool can be invaluable in student directed inquiry, both as a research resource, and as a presentation platform.

Inquiry Connection

Because Twitter contains “as it happens” information, it is a great resource for helping student generate ideas for an inquiry project.

As well, it easily provides a voice for students hoping to start a social media campaign surrounding a topic that they have become passionate about.

Google Search

Did you know, you can filter search results by …

  • Publish date
  • Exact words or phrases
  • Definitions
  • Reading level
  • Nearby (location based)
  • Visited pages/Not yet visited
  • Videos/Images/Books/Scholarly Articles/Patents

Inquiry Connection

Love it or hate it, Google is often the first place that students go when they want to research a topic. It is important to take some time from your program to talk to students about how to make the most of this powerful resource.