Explorer Proposal

By Ria Bakshi

Dearest Philip IV of Spain, I am requesting thys assistance in funding my expedition. Ye see, I am highly qualified to brave the unknown for Spain. With bravery, wit, and persuasive skills, I am the person ye ought to send west.

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With the war against Britain raging, Spain needs riches for ammunition, food and shelter. Britain hath already started sending explorers to unknown places. Whence art ye planning to send more of Spain?

We need lumber and natural resources to win this war, exactly what the west can provide us with. We will need men and ships to transport all the materials we will find, and surely for a wealthy king like you, that will be a simple task.

There have been rumors of other peoples in the new land, and we are prepared. We will get what we came for, and we will not leave without it, ,whether we have to be sneaky, kind, or harsh.

Ye need not fret about how ye art going to supply us with all our needs. We will only require a small amount of assistance, and from then on, we art planning to learn how to pland and live off the land, like our anccestors did.

We  plan to distribute ourselves along the coast of this new land, so that when we have more sufficient supplies, we can storm inwards and overtake the new people and Britain.

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