computer system presintation

by: josh garner

two computer systems i would like to have, or like having

iPhone 5s

the iPhone 5s is an excellent tool whether the job be scouring the web, or getting directions to India.

The iPhone 5s sports a LED-back-lit IPS LCD,  16m colors 640x 1136 pixel captivate touchscreen.

1GB of RAM. it can have 16, 32 or 64 GB of hard drive capacity

the operating system is ios7 and it does not have any USB ports

this iPhone is 99 dollars if you buy it from sprint

Toshiba satin Black

the Toshiba 15.6" screen

4 GB of ram

an Intel CPU

the OS is windows 8.1

500 GB hard drive

it also comes with several  Microsoft programs

you can find this Toshiba laptop for 348.00 at walmart

my choice

my best choice would be the toshiba because of its better ram and bigger hard drive.

the toshiba also offers more tools that i could use at shcool


two printers that i hath researched

HP Office jet Pro 8600

150 sheet output tray

15 ppm black 13 ppm color

costs $119.99

HP 950 black ink cartridge yeilds 1000 pages and cost 26.99

Hp Lazerjet pro P1102w printer

19 ppm black

150-sheet input tray

cost $159.99

replacement cartridges is $36.99

average 5,000 pages a cartrage

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