Volume 3 Issue 5

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Big Tex is about half the height of the Statue of Liberty. She's 111 feet, 6 inches tall from heel to the top of her head. (About how tall is Big Tex? How much taller is the Statue of Liberty than Big Tex?  What else is about the same height as Big Tex?)

Big Tex cost $500,000 to build, $288,900 of which is coming from the State Fair. The rest was funded through donations. (How much money came from donations? What percentage of money came from donations?)

Big Tex has a waist size of 434 inches by a 240-inch inseam. That's a bit bigger than the average Dickie's customer, whose waist size is 36 inches with a 30-inch inseam. (What is Big Tex's waist size and inseam in feet?  How much larger are Big Tex's jeans than the average Dickie's customer?)

Big Tex's boots are 10 feet, 6 inches long and weight about 900 pounds each. The boots are modeled after the Lucchese Texas States Boots. The human versions of the boots cost $10,000. (How many inches long are Big Tex's boots?  How much does each boot cost? How much does the pair of boots weigh?)

Big Tex's shirt is made from awning material and weights about 130 pounds. The jeans are made from denim and weigh about 100 pounds. It takes 100 yards of denim to make the jeans and 150 yards of fabric to make the shirt. (How much more does his shirt weigh than his jeans? How much more fabric does it take to make his shirt than his jeans?  How many feet of fabric does it take to make his jeans and shirt? About how much does each yard of fabric weigh?)

When Tex was lifted by crane during installation, it was the first actual weighing of the structure. He weighed in at 25,000 pounds, right on the dot. (How many tons does Big Tex weigh?  Knowing the weights of his boots, shirt, jeans, how much does the rest of Big Tex weigh?)

Before and after the fire: (What is the difference between before and after the fire?)

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