Magna Carta
By Landon Kocer

The Magna Carta

What It Is

The Magna Carta is a document that limits a king's power.  This was made because of King John.  King John was a horrible king who was cruel to his people.  The Nobles got mad so they forced King John to meet them somewhere to sign the Magna Carta.  He signed making laws so that his powers were limited.

If you think that the Magna Carta is short then you are wrong.  The Magna Carta is actually a big document that King John signed after the Barons took over London.


It turns out that King John really didn't intend on following the rules of it so he had The Pope sign the document "illegal and unjust" making the Barons and King John go to war.  King John died in 1216 ending the war.  

Magna Carta Rules On

Even though King John didn't do his duty on following the Magna Carta most of the other kings followed the Magna Carta.