7 things you don't need to know about Scarlett !!!

i love hanging with my friends at home and at school. my friends are so funny.

my sisters name is bridie -rose

I like playing with my sister on the tramp and doing flips .we take a lot of selfies . we are very close.


I love my family. I like when we have dinner together and some times we go to the club with grandad .

This is me when i was little .

These are some photos when i was little.When i was at my 3rd birthday.

It was a princess party .

and the 2nd one is of me at a family BBQ.

I like doing handstands and cartwheels and stuff like at in my spare time .

with my friends and family .

elephants are my favorite animal because they are so big

the baby ones are even cuter .

I love when they take a bath .

I love playing hockey because  I Am a good at being a back .

I love playing netball because i am a good shooter .

I love riding my long board because i need to get better .

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2 years ago

Scarlett I liked th really interesting Tackk you wrote