Chester Cross of Maryland - Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Psychology is a remarkably broad field that studies mind and behavior at all levels of analysis. Those can range from the micro to the macro to single cells to complex systems. Also, it can, study individuals to groups and cultures to humans. Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is a pretty extensive journey but a very rewarding one. Programs like the Department of Psychology at the Wayne State University commits to research, teaching/mentorship, and service. They easily have over 1,000 undergraduate majors and enroll approximately 100 graduate students in their Ph.D. programs. Graduate students have an unusually high success rate in securing external funding, and the University has an excellent track record for placing them following their Ph.Ds.

If you're ready to take this path, do your research and find the right fit for your career development. You'll want a strong support system, great educators, and a great campus that breeds excellence.

Chester Cross was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Marketing at the Robert H School of Business at the Wayne State University. He also has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. By trade, he is a Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation Manager who is climbing the Marketing ladder and looks to move up to an Executive Marketing role. Chester spends his off hours helping his church, St Mary's Church to feed homeless people and help educate underprivileged children. Chester plays guitar and sings with his cover band covering top 40's hits of all eras at local bars and venues.

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