Cultural Assumption 1

Blog 1- Obese people are treated unfairly

The book I have been reading in English this term is Lord of the Flies, it is about a plane that has crashed with a group of boys in it. They all survive and but are stranded on an island with no idea where they are. Even though it is early in the book I can already see some cultural assumptions.

The main one I have found so far is that boys who don’t fit the stereotype of a "man" are seen as unequal to boys who are considered men. Goulding show this with the character Piggy who is an obese boy with asthma. For example, when Jack, the leader of the group, is talking and Piggy decides to say something, Jack says ' shut up fatty' to show he thinks Piggy is unequal to him. In my opinion this was extremely uncalled for because Piggy is only trying to help out and is probably smarter than Jack.

This is shown again in the book when the other boys laugh at Piggy for many reasons such as when he has to stop running because of his asthma or when they just rip him of because of his size and laugh.

I think William Goulding made an obese character on purpose because at the time of the 1950's the world wars had just happened and men were questioned about whether they had fought for their country. At the time fit people were brave and courageous and had saved the people. So the obese people or sick and weak people were seen as letting down their country.

This book is quite interesting and I'm starting to really enjoy it so I will try and find more cultural assumptions as I read through it.

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3 years ago

The point about a man' status that is dependent on weather or not he fought in the war is very interesting, and would definitely have been a big factor that affected how people where treated at this time.

3 years ago

perhaps include a more descriptive introduction to the novel, maybe a blurb or some pictures.