Career Research Project

Kimberlyn Erwin, Veterinarian

Necessary Job Skills:

             *Doctoral or professional degree

             * Veterinarian license

             *  Veterinary School

             *Pass a licensing examination created by organizations such as the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Education Requirement:

*Doctoral degree


*Professional degree

College: Purdue

Words to live by:

            The words I live by are lyrics. The lyrics are "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone." They are lyrics from my favorite band My Chemical Romance. They mean a lot to me because whenever I feel like  I can't do something alone I remember to not be afraid. I'm the kind of person who loves being around people I know. So when i'm not around people I know I get extremely shy and afraid to talk or even move. So it reminds me that I can't always depend on people and I am capable of achieving things I want by myself. It will be important in my future because it will help me through situations and help boost my confidence. I may have first heard this many years ago it still sticks with me.

         If I had to choose one person as my role model, it would be my older sister Anastasia. She is not only my big sister but my best friend.  She is also one of my greatest supporters. I dress like her, act like her, follow her, and I am her.  Not always on purpose but I am a mirror reflection of Anastasia. Her good and bad qualities I copy.  She is my biggest critic and my biggest supporter.

        Not only do veterinarians have to work with animals, they also have to work with people.


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