Mobile Applications and their Educational Implications

This flyer explores various tools and applications which can be used for educational purposes within the classroom. These applications are designed to be fun and easy to use, but above all educational.

1. Socrative

Not only is Socrative designed specifically for teachers, it is a mobile app which has teacher and student components. This is a great example of ingenuity of today's society and how technology is being harvested for the sake of learning. This video is rather self explanatory of the app, however to sum up, one of the best ways to use this application in the classrooms is to show students their progress with learning - which comes with real-time results and feedback.

2. PollEverywhere

PollEverywhere is another great tool for collecting data. This is a fun way to assess or poll your students and get their feedback on topics. PollEverywhere has options to display the answers students have selected, or you can ask open ended questions. An in class use of PollEverywhere that beats traditional data collection is asking how many students have signed up for Office hours. As a teacher you receive instant feedback.

3. Toontastic

Toontastic is an app which focuses more on younger students, however older ones can love this app just as much. It is a storytelling app which allows your drawing to come to life. You can add sound and movement, and then share your creations with others - anywhere. Toontastic can be used in a classroom with illustrating historic events. Students can  choose their favorite piece of history as studied in the course and then illustrate this, including recording their voice with factual events.

3. Sock Puppets

Sock puppets is a great app for younger and older audiences. It's an interactive app that allows you to record your voice and create a story narrated by these puppets. The puppets mouths will move with the sound recording. A great used for this app in an older classroom would be to have students create Sock Puppet stories about topics they are learning about. Once a student can teach a topic, they understand it. This app gives students an opportunity to create a fun way of learning, which they can also later share with younger students or siblings.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is very useful within a classroom setting because it is the perfect place to collect and share data with an entire class. Google drive allows your entire class to access assignments, photos, class notes etc. from anywhere. It can also be used in class to collaborate on projects.

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