Interpretation of Graphs Project

Yesterday, Pauline slept over at Keke and Makayla's house, which was just 8 feet away from her own home.  Her mom called at 9:30 a.m. and reminded her to come home by 10:10 a.m.  After packing her stuff up, Pauline left her best friends' house at 10 a.m., remembering to pick up her sister from karate class.  She ran to the class in a normal and constant rate in 4 minutes, which was 25 feet from her house. After reaching her destination, Pauline bumped into one of her old best friends , Tatiana, who also had a sibling taking that karate class. They sat on a bench next to the class and caught up with each others' lives.  Still 25 feet from her house, Pauline and Tatiana talked for another 4 minutes.  She checked the time on her phone, seeing that is 10:08 a.m. Realizing how late she was to go to her house, she quickly said farewell to Tatiana. She ran with her sister towards her house at a constant rate in 8 minutes. Although her mom was furious that she was late, Pauline was really happy she did all of that in 16 minutes.

Pauline's short Journey

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