S.A.E Edmonton Gener8 Project


Our team consists of 4 members(students);

Jacklyn Meyerink

Chantelle Foisie

Katrina Lukas

Loise Dossous

Teachers involved;

Judy Bolton

Daniel Pagnucco

Our Goal

Our goal is to recreate an "Aqua Globe" using a water bottle, and instead of using tap water, we will be using snow/rain to water the plants throughout our sites (S.A.E. is an outreach high school and has multiple locations around Edmonton.)

Although it is not the most appealing watering device, it allows us to water our plants using snow and rain instead of tap water, which results in no filtering costs because the plants soil acts as it's own filter. This project/invention allows us to reuse water bottles, create good use for snow and rain, and grow appealing flowers all while educating others and producing oxygen.

step by step process used to make an "aqua globe"


We began our project on January 7th 2015 and currently we have indoor plants, some lovely pink flowers, and pea's growing successfully at one of our sites. Within the next month (May 2015) we would like to expand our project to our other sites throughout Edmonton.


Through fundraising and educating we hope to recruit other students from the sites around Edmonton and get them involved in continuing our legacy.

As the students who are currently working on this project graduate and head off to university or college, the project will be passed on to other students who share the same love for the environment.  

Educating is the key to environmental change


The resources that we require are plants(indoor preferably), vegetable seeds, soil, a water bottle, scissors, a hot glue gun, and snow/rain.

Due to potential summer drought, we will also be collecting snow in used  4L milk jugs to ensure that the plants will always be watered.


We need all the support we can get for our project. Students, teachers, principals, anyone who is interested. We have partnered up with the other sites around Edmonton to work with the students, teachers and staff to recruit them as partners in this project. As well, we would like to look into partnering with elementary schools and maybe a few small companies to get them involved and using our project.


Some of the available grants can be seen below...


  1. A drought in summer is common, so we had to come up with a way of finding other means of water in case this occurred.
  2. Snow has a very cold temperature and it has the potential to shock the plant and kill it, so making sure it's melted and reached a safe temperature is extremely important and has been a big obstacle that we have had to overcome.


All of the students involved in this project are on our school's Leadership team so this allows them to speak about important matters at the monthly school meetings.  At these meetings the team will engage and educate the student's and teacher's about the positive's that come from indoor plant's, reusing recyclables, and using snow and rain as a means of watering plants. The team members will show leadership by standing up and making an impact in our school that will inform others about just how crucial a clean and green environment is!

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