HiPER 840G 4-WAN Gigabit Router

HiPER 840G 4-WAN Gigabit Router is a purpose-built gigabit solution designed for small and medium-sized Internet cafes, enterprises broadband communities and schools which require multiple connections.

In addition to the common features such as NAT, firewall, bandwidth management, IP/MAC binding and access control, HiPER 840G also provides abilities of high security, high express forwarding, diagnosis and flexible management, which is the ideal choice for high-load network.
HiPER 840G offers 1 gigabit LAN ports, which can directly access to the Internal Gigabit backbone network, meeting the demands of high transmission speed.
4-WAN port design offers multiple choices for ISP connections and real-time backup and load balancing. Besides, it also supports policy-based routing of different ISPs.

Gigabit Access
Offer 5 gigabit ports ; Connect to the gigabit backbone network with full-duplex gigabit wire speed. Meet the needs of Internet cafes and enterprises which require high-speed data transmission.

4 WAN Ports and NAT
4 WAN ports are provided, which support mixed connections of DSL, fiber optical and Cable Modem. Under the PPPoE mode, 4 dial modes are provided: Always On, On Demand and Manual; Under the DHCP mode, MAC address modification and cloning are available.
4-WAN ports design provides 4 Internet connections; Support load balancing and real-time backup; Support network flow distribution based on bandwidth ratio to optimize the bandwidth utilization; Support policy-based routing of different ISPs.
Support NAPT/NAT, routing and hybrid mode, which meet the needs of complicated networks; Support port forwarding and DMZ host for external services like HTTP, telnet and FTP, etc;

Support various VPN functions such as IPSec PPTP, which can be used alone or combined; Support dynamic IP address VPN connections; Support Site-to-site VPN, remote access VPN (client-to-site); Support up to 50 PPTP VPN servers and 50 PPTP VPN clients. IPsec VPN tunnels are restricted to 50, up to 50 concurrent tunnels. Support VPN failover. If the VPN on one WAN connection is down, the VPN will be automatically failover to the other WAN connections. IPSec provides features of auto key (IKE) and manual key, ESP/AH protocols, DES/3DES/AES encryption algorithm, MD5/SHA-1 hash algorithm, main mode and aggressive mode, Anti-Replay and NAT Traversal.

Super abilities of defense against internal/external attacks: ARP spoofing attacks, port scanning, DoS/DDoS attacks, Worm.Blaster, Worm.Sasser, SQL slammer, etc. Ensure the stability and security of your router and network.
Support packet filtering based on source/destination IP address, protocols, ports, source/destination MAC address; Support application layer filtering based on URL and keywords; Support
schedule-based ACL; Control the Internet access and protect the internal network against external attacks.

Flexible Bandwidth
This very unique function named Flexible Bandwidth will largely optimize the bandwidth utilization. And it only needs 2 steps: enable this function and set the bandwidth for each Internet connection. Flexible Bandwidth will guarantee the webpage browse and essential network applications.
1. Adjust the bandwidth for users and applications flexibly, improve the real-time network performance, and recognize different application accurately.
2. Supports priority queues to ensure smooth transmission of applications which require large bandwidth.
3. Improved network performance will solve network congestion and unreasonable bandwidth allocation.
Reasonable network traffic distribution, optimized bandwidth utilization, stable, fast, safe and efficient network environment.

User Authentication and Billing
HIPER 840G supports a very simple management mechanism for User Authentication. It offers 2 ways of authentication, PPPoE-Based and Web-Based. With this function, the Administrator doesn't have to modify any existing network or adding another authentication server.
The Administrator can easily set the available period, bandwidth and IP Address for each account. Users will be authenticated with username and password. HIPER 840G also provides flexible management platform for Administrator to monitor user's real-time status and traffic, ban illegal users or limit account bandwidth.
Account Billing is also a essential function for hotel and school. HIPER 840G delivers Account Billing based on Time and Traffic. The Notice function will pop up when expiration arrives.

Internet Access Control
Provide personalized Internet access control, which can meet all the needs of users. Each host can take a different access policy, including blocking IM software (MSN etc.), blocking P2P software (Bit commit, thunder, etc.), blocking online games (WOW, QQ game, etc.) and other abundant functions.
Support Domain name Filtering. Users can either block websites or only allow websites. Domain name filtering will make the network management easy and convenient.
Support IP/MAC address binding, invalid IP address or MAC address filtering and easy blacklist and Whitelist setting. What's needed to pay attention is that UTT router supports binding all the dynamic IP/MAC entries with only one-click operation.

Configuration and Management
Offer user-friendly Web interface which delivers an easy-to-use platform with rich functions. Quick Wizard will help customers to complete the initial settings in short time.
Offer System Status, Wireless Host List and Flow Statistics, which deliver a convenient platform to trap and remove network faults

Key Features

  • Support connection of static IP, DHCP and PPPoE
  • 1 LAN port, 4 WAN ports, 1 USB port with 4G Flash Disk
  • 10/100/1000M LAN port, 10/100/1000M WAN port, auto MDI/MDIX, Auto-Negotiation
  • Support DHCP Server, Multiple DHCP Pool
  • Support Static Routing
  • Support Load Balancing and Connection Failover
  • Support Tag-based VLAN
  • Support InterVLAN Routing
  • Support Flexible Bandwidth Management
  • Support User Authentication
  • Support Web-based and PPPoE-based Authentication
  • Support Account Billing
  • Support Notification for Expiration
  • Support real-time monitoring
  • Support user history log record
  • Support traffic statistics
  • Support DDNS
  • Support UPnP
  • Support Notification
  • Support VPN pass-through
  • Web user interface and Quick Wizard
  • ystem update through HTTP
  • Configuration file backup and restore
  • Display of wireless host status and system status
  • Support SNTP
  • Support SNMP
  • UTT routers: http://uttglobal.com/products.php?typeid=27