Gel Nails (UV Light)

By: Kendall and Emory Grace

Ultra Violet Waves

Ultra violet light (UV) is an EM wave. There are many uses for UV lights, like gel nails, tanning beds, and it is used to for check fake notes at banks. Although in this tackk we will just be talking about its uses in gel nails. In some ways UV light can be very helpful but in some ways it can be harmful. UV light can cause skin cancer.

FUN facts!

1. UV light has shorter wave lengths than visible light.

2. Scientists have divided the ultraviolet part of the spectrum into three regions: the near ultraviolet, the far ultraviolet, and the extreme ultraviolet.

3.Though some ultraviolet waves from the Sun penetrate Earth's atmosphere, most of them are blocked from entering by various gases like Ozone.

4. The difference in how the galaxies appear is due to which type of stars shine brightest in the optical and ultraviolet wavelengths.

5. Astronomers have to put ultraviolet telescopes on satellites to measure the ultraviolet light from stars and galaxies - and even closer things like the Sun!

All about Gel Nails

Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that most closely resemble the natural nail. They are similar to acrylic nails, but still different. Gel nails are formed by a combination of monomer liquid and polymer powder. The monomer liquid reacts with the polymer powder when put together which, in turn, forms long polymer strands. After being cured under a UV light and LED light they dry and harden to form a resin that looks like a real fingernail. Gel nails can come in any color and can include many different patterns and designs.

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