The Basic Knowledge about Preschool Singapore

About preschool in Singapore

Singapore education is famous in the world. More and more parents want to send their children to study in Singapore. Actually, preschool in Singapore is most popular in various education programs, so here are some basic knowledge about preschool Singapore.

1.Education Objectives. Singapore government pays more attention to the child's education so the education objectives in preschool is let the children to observe as well as discover the world.

2.Preschool education basic concept. Education in Singapore emphasizes that the children should be carried out with the basic social code of conduct, values and morality education in order to foster a complete good personality traits of Singaporeans in the future.

3.The principle of the curriculumA good curriculum is not only increased the interest in learning but also gets more knowledge for the principle of the curriculum is "The language skills as a solid foundation."

4.The characters of the curriculum selection

● Provide children with different length of the curriculum plan, to meet the different needs of different parents
● Provide children with different content of the curriculum plan, cultivate children's interest and the unique expertise
● For children of different ages in different curriculum plan, in order to meet the needs of the children of different ages on the course
● Provide children with a variety of language education curriculum plan, showing the country's official language of the basic features (basisa Malaysi, English, Chinese, etc.)

5.The curriculum implementation

● Half day activities in school 

● Angle of zone activity(language activities, library activities, art activities, ect. )

● Game activities such as the imitation game

● Theme activities ● Outdoor activities