E. Coli

The dangers of Food Poisoning

E. Coli is a type of bacteria that lives inside of our intestines and the intestines of other organisms, it can be harmful or in some cases deadly.

Symptoms Include: Fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting,  Stomach pains & spasms.

1-10 days incubation period

5-10 days duration of the illness

This is an animated diagram of E. Coli

Above is a diagram of an E. Coli bacteria cell.

This shows common knowledge of the bacteria E. Coli.

In the picture above it tells how harmful and to what extent this illness can be, it also tells how long the illness may last and what are the common sources of this bacteria.

This is a photo taken of E. coli underneath a microscope.


Video explains how E. Coli is contracted. E. Coli can be contracted through meat from animals such as cows or can be found in raw milk.

In this video it was helpful on how you can help prevent infection. To prevent E. coli infection it is important to wash your hands after you use the restroom and before you prepare each meal.

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