European Exploration Proposal

By: Mark Schweickert

Listen to a song while I present my proposal to you.

I am from Barcelona, Spain and I seek the money of England for my expedition to North America. I wish to be funded by Queen Victoria. Shown Below:

Currently England is looking for coal and other rescources that provide a hot fire.

I want to find gold and wood. I want to find these because we can use gold for riches and wood to build new houses.

I am going to go to the east coast of North America. I will go on August first, 5147. That is two years from now. That should give me enough time to gather supplies and men.I will go because I have heard that there is a lot of gold and wood located there.

Currently France and England are exploring the east coast looking for gold. However, if I encounter them I will make peace with them. If that doesn't work I will simply avoid them. I am going to down the east coast. (Shown above) This will work because other explorers have gone up the east coast, starting in dangerous waters. I will start in calm water and stay in calm water the whole journey. This has a better success rate that the other explorers routes.

I expect to encounter conflict with other explorers. I will overcome this obstacle by staying away from them.

This is a picture of me, Mark Schweickert. I am a persistent worker, who will give you 100% effort. I am also a person who can get the job done. If you send me on this expedition I can promise you I will get the job done. I you want success, then choose me.

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