Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree?
* "Everyone should follow the law".
I agree with this because, laws were created to help control the chaos and keep certain things in place and in order. For example if there wasn't a law against violence, then our country would be out of control. I'm not saying there's no violence now (because there is) but it would be more violence because there would be nothing holding people back.
* "people should be punished for breaking the law".
I agree with this but only to a certain extent because, Some laws are unnecessary or are too harsh for small simple things. That's also why some jails are overfilled.  
* "Power corrupts people".
I sort of agree with this because, it seems like most times when someone has power, they take advantage and end up misusing it for the worst instead of making things better. Example: In the past, some dynasty's had people killing family members just to obtain power and wealth.

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