Fathers role during pregnancy

Bridget Bayle

         During a pregnancy the father has a large role and responsibility. He is his partners support system and coach. He should be involved in every part of the pregnancy and the child's development.

Some of the things fathers can do during pregnancy are :

Go with her to her doctor visits to be more involved.

Make sure you both eat well and healthy.

Talk about the pregnancy and be informed.

Take classes with her to prepare for labor.

Do breathing exercises with her.

Help with house chores.

Make sure she gets enough sleep.

Make a plan for the baby including budget.

Get all the technical things in order.

Get a bag ready for the hospital.

Talk to the baby before it is born to create a connection with them.

Remember that she is on a crazy hormonal roller coaster ride and she is going to be all over the place. Be supportive and watch your steps.

And finally NEVER EVER EVER MENTION THE WORD FAT. She is going to feel insecure because she isn't wearing her normal clothes, nothing fits and she is looking quite rounded. She will gain weight during the pregnancy so just save yourself and be supportive.


  1. The father is half of the baby’s support system. The father figure has half of the responsibility and is a huge factor in supporting the mother during and after her pregnancy. Also having two sides to the support system makes for a much more secure environment.
  2. The woman has huge hormonal leaps and this causes her to be irrational and emotional at times. also it is common knowledge that the father goes through breathing excercises along with the mother. What is not commonly known is that the father’s female hormones spike and cause him to be more caring and nurturing.
  3. The child’s father is not always present during the pregnancy or the childs life and that can be dangerous for the mother and child. During the pregnancy the father is a huge support system for the mother and the child alike. They help reduce stress and act as a grounding factor during a time when everything is changing.
  4. There are many classes available for fathers that feel overwhelmed. Maybe the father just isn’t knowledgeable about what is going on during the pregnancy. He can take classes or go with the mother during her pregnancy to help support her and learn about what is going on. There are also ways that the father can feel more connected with the baby during the pregnancy. He can play the tapping game with the unborn child and he can actually do things like read to his unborn child which can help with brain development. The child can actually recognize his voice if he speaks to it when it is in the womb.
  5. A baby is a huge responsibility and costs a lot of money but besides the actual basic costs there are things that you have to think about.
    1. Does your job support your baby
    2. baby budget both before and after the birth
    3. get supplies for the baby before the due date, spread it out to make it easier.
    4. Does your health insurance cover your baby.
    5. Can you get sufficient time off for maternity leave( your wife won’t really be up to doing much for a few days while her body recovers)
    6. The father has a huge say in these kinds of things and he really has to be responsible about having these conversations with his partner and also his boss or insurance company.
  6. Not just one celeb has this problem. There are tons of examples of good and bad fathers in hollywood. While brad pitt or Kanye seem like good supportive fathers many celebs end up raising their baby’s themselves without any father figure at all. This is due to fast marriages or pregnancies and even faster breakups. One of these examples would be Madonna who is acting as a single mother to her children.
  7. It is very important for both guys and girls to know about what the father should be doing during the pregnancy so that they can be responsible parents for their child. Boys should be educated so that if they have children of their own they know where to start and what resources are available. Women need to be educated about the fathers role so that they know that it is a team effort and that they have support during the process. Also so that they can talk to the father (if they have children) and give advice to him and other friends or relatives who are struggling with their new found father status.

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