cat eye disorder project

The cat eye syndrome is a Genetic Disorder.This disease can affect  female and male.This disease can effect the human body by the growths of skin(tag),and depression in the skin.This disease is rare,and can make you have misshapen ears.Affects approx 1 in 74,000 individuals,these people who have this disease can have one tall arm and one short arm,this can also give anal atresia .The name "cat eye syndrome" is derived from a distinctive eye (ocular) abnormality that is present in some affected individuals. Associated symptoms and findings may vary greatly in range and severity, including among affected members of the same family.The effects also include mild growth delays before birth,mild mental deficiency,and malformations of the skull and facial (craniofacial) region, the heart, the kidneys, and/or the anal region.More specifically, individuals with cat eye syndrome frequently have coloboma(s).This disorder is also known for CES,that is caused by the presence of duplicated genetic material contained on chromosome 22.Approximately one in 50,000 to one in 150,000 individuals get this disorder.There is no prenatal test for this disorder,and there is also a candidate for it,there is also no cure for cat eye syndrome.The disease could be prevented but whoever has the disease was born with it,and the individual person can have children.It is possible that a child of a person with cat eye can be affected,and there might not be a cure for cat eye disorder.

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