My Favorite Season

By: Rachel Spainhour

My favorite season

The grass smelled so fresh it hit me like a heatwave. I could smell barbecue cooking on the grill as a big whiff of bug spray came at me from a distance. I smelled chlorine and looked at the pool…

Mosquitoes were buzzing around me and I felt sweat running down my face so I put on sunscreen and felt the cold water on my body as I jumped into the pool. I was hot and I didn’t ever want to get out of the pool. It was also humid and I got sticky and gross when I was out of the pool.

I saw my older brother tanning on a chair drinking some lemonade. I could also see ice-cream dripping from my little brothers face and hands. My sister was spraying herself with more bug spray (she hates bugs) and getting ready to jump in the pool. The sun was shining bright in my face and it burnt.

I heard the splash my three siblings made as they jumped in the pool. We heard bugs buzzing around us and swatted at them. I could also hear the sizzle on the grill as my dad made ribs and my mom put food out on the picnic table.

When I finally got out of the pool about thirty minutes later the ribs and our big feast tasted delicious! There was so much food it filled up the whole table and my stomach. Later that night we had s’mores over the fire and even roasted hot dogs.

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