In World War 2.

During World War 2, many Jewish people were shipped away from their homes to Concentration camps.

A young woman, named Anne Frank, hid away in a secret attic with her family during the Holocaust. They hid away because they were Jewish.

Before the family left their home to the attic, Anne received a small Journal for her birthday. When they left to their new home, she made sure to bring it with her.

Anne wrote everything in her journal. How she felt about the attic, how she misses the nature outside, how she misses her friends, and how she couldn't make a sound no matter what, considering that they could get caught.

Anne went through many rough and challenging obstacles. She couldn't go outside for fresh air. She could not hang out with her friends any more. Anne had to go through listening to bombs dropping everyday, the ashes constantly in the air.

Anne wrote all of her ups and downs in her diary, who she named Kitty. Anne had to deal with growing up in a small, crowded attic.

Anne frequently missed a few days writing in her journal because some days they were not aloud to walk around because they could make no noise at all, or they would get caught.

Anne and her family only ate fresh food when their friends, who were helping them get through the Holocaust,were able to come and give them the stuff that they need.

Any other times it was cornmeal mush and rotten potatoes.

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