Arnaldo's Journal

By Aryana Thompson

Hi, my name is Arnaldo. I came from Verbania, Italy. I heard that some Irish immigrants were getting paid better than I was here. I wanted to go to America because, I want a better job. When I got on the boat to go to America, it was crowded and had stuffy air. When I finally got to Angel Island, it took me about an hour for me to get to where I was supposed to be.I stayed on Angel Island for about 2 or 3 days. When I get to America, I want to earn money and make new friends. On the boat ride to America, well, it wasn't pleasant. It was on a very small boat with about 2 bathrooms. When I finally got to America, I got to buy new clean clothes and, work as a farmer. I live in a small house just outside of Houston, Texas. My rent costs $62.00 a month. While I was at work one day, I met a Spanish immigrant whose name was, Pablo En Seneeta. He and I do not speak very good english. In my free time I liked to play cards with one of my friends or I like to go to "festas" which are Italian cultured festivals and or parties.

This is Pablo En Seneeta.

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