Life Budget Project

By: Andrew Yock

Life Profile.

I am single with no kids, I drive 14 miles to and from work as a Computer Systems Manager.


I make a annual salary of $9,583

I pay around $1,374 in taxes.

My Monthly Net Income is $ 7,742

Established expenses.

Health and Life Insurance - $15

Medical and Dental - $30

$387.1 in savings.

$77.42 to charitable giving.

$25.00 for my Unlucky card.

Chance Card.

I was lucky and won the Tony the Tiger Sweepstakes and I won free Gas each month for a year, but i was unlucky and got m tires stolen and have to pay $25.oo per month.

Personal Investments.

I inherited stocks in three companies: 100 stocks in Electronic arts inc. 75 stocks in Apple inc. and 75 stocks in Active power.


I am renting a apartment in Denver CO for $685 a month, the apartment includes 1 Bed and 1 Bathroom pets are allowed but must be under 45 pounds, has a Dishwasher, fireplace, Patio or Balcony, Cable or Satellite, and Air Conditioning.


I own a Apartment so I pay $135 for Electricity, $30 for one Phone.


I bought a Used 2002 Dodge Dakota SLT, Quad cab for 6,975. I put a down payment of $1395. I pay a $10 monthly interest. so my car payment was a total of $164 Per month.

I drive 14 miles round trip. I drive a estimated 434 miles a month. my truck is 11 years old it is fuel efficient I get free gas every month for a year from the Tony the Tiger Sweepstakes. I spend $70 on gas every month.

Home Improvement and Furniture.

I renovated my place by buying a Leather recliner, and a Harroson gray 30" wall clock.

Food, Household, Personal Hygiene

Monday- Breakfast- Fruit cup, Lunch- Pasta with water, Dinner- Chicken sandwich, snack Pringles.

Tuesday Breakfast- Fruit cup, Lunch- Chicken sandwich with water, Dinner- Pasta with Milk, Snack Pringles.

Wednesday, Breakfast- Fruit cup, Lunch- Chicken sandwich with water, Dinner- Pasta with Milk, Snack- Pringles.

Thursday, Breakfast- Pinnapple cup, Lunch- Pork Snadwhich with Water, Dinner- Pasta with Milk, Snack- Pudding.

Friday, Breakfast- Fruit cup, Lunch- Chicken sandwich, Dinner- Pasta with Milk, Snack- Pudding. this cost $70.36

I eat out twice a week usually Dinner and Breakfast this cost around $16.

I spend a total of $86.36

Clothing and Accessories.

I bought me a new pair of jeans, and some new work shoes for $70.

Entertainment and Recreation.

I do indoor golf which cost around $75 and i played 18 holes are Bristol Ridge golf course which costed me around $ 45 I also went on a hike and visited the sibley park zoo. this costed me a total of $ 115.

Cable & Dining out.

I bought the Standard service for cable which was a total of $56.

I spent about $25 a week on Dining out.