My Emotions
By: Rebekah W.

Dancing Makes Me Happy

Dancing let's me be free and I really injoy doing it. It really boosts up my self esteem.

My Friends and Family Makes Me Laugh

My friends and family are always playing around and making jokes, I laugh a lot when I am around them.

When I Achieve Something It Makes Me Feel Good

When I get good grades or master a dance step it makes me feel good and accomplished

When I am able to do something for someone I feel helpful

When I help somebody I feel really happy and helpful.

When I Have Hurt Someones Feelings It Makes Me Feel Sad

Sometimes when people don't understand what I'm saying or just gets on my nerves I sometimes might sound or say something rude, that could hurt there feelings.

When I Am Alone For Along Time I Get Sacred

When I am by myself for a long timeI get scared because I just want to have somebody with me or at least in the general area of where I'm at.

When My Parents By Me Something That I Want I Feel Thankful

I get a lot of things from my parents and they are expensive; I make sure to thank them when they buy me something.

When I Get Included In A Serious Converation I Feel Important

I like being apart of a lot of conversations, it really annoys me when my parents tell me to go into another room the adults are talking. When the includ in their conversation I feel important.

When People Talk About Me Behind My Back It Makes Me angry

I really don't get mad a lot and people don't normally talk anout me behind my back but if they do and I find out it really makes me mad. I just tell them next time that you talk about me just say it to my face and I just walk off. But like I said this happens "once in a blue moon".

When I Think That Something Will Happen I Have Hope That It Will

I like to have hope a lot; so when I really want something to happen I have hope that it will.

The End!

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