White Tigers

they are amazing animals


The White Tiger is amazing. It is white, black and brown. It has very beautiful eyes. They have bright, bright blue eyes. They can grow very big. They can grow up to ten feet. They can run really fast and their top speed is 96 KM/H. The White Tiger, like the Tiger, is a mammal.


The White Tiger loves to live in foresty, swampy places. They prefer dense forest, lush grasslands and mangrove swamps. These are mostly in the Indian subcontinent and in the High Himalayas.


Caves are great for White Tigers because they have shelter and are dark for hiding in. Forests are good for White Tigers because that is how they find mates. They smell the trees and and look at other White Tigers scratch marks.

Biological Relationships

The White Tiger eats lots of big animals with lots of meat on them like some domestic animals, wild boar, deer and cattle. The White Tiger (like the Tiger) is a apex predator so nothing else hunts it except sadly humans. They hunt White Tigers for their skin, teeth and other things.

Life Cycle

The White Tiger mother after three months will give birth   to up to five cubs (which are probably very cute) and sometimes don't have their stripes yet. When they are born they are blind and weigh 1kg at the most. By the time they are two months old they have started drinking their mothers milk and have started eating the meat their mother brings to them. They are then weaned exactly four months later. They leave their mum to be independent when they are eighteen months old.

Food Chain

The White Tiger's food chain is easy as it is just like a Tiger's food chain. It starts on grass and ends with the White Tiger. It usually has animals like rabbits,foxes and wolves.


The White Tiger's biome is in places that no one really goes because they like to stay hidden. They have to live where there is a good range of food and water like in the rain forest and tundra biomes. Those biomes are mostly in India, Indonesia, Malysia and Russia. Unfortunately many of the forests have been chopped down.

Interesting Facts

The White Tiger has not been seen in the wild for over fifty years

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