Make the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes & Quit Smoking

It's a habit that kills millions. Quit today!

Smoking is a filthy habit, there's simply no way of hiding that fact in 2015.

For many years, millions of people have been spending so much of their heard earned money on these cancer sticks that are ultimately, eventually going to kill them. Sure, we will all die eventually, but smokers will die much younger and it's likely to be painful.

I know, it's a horrible fact and not a nice thing to thing about, but it's reality. And fortunately it's a reality that we can all change together if you want to.

For those who don't know, there is a solution out there called the electronic cigarette which is much more effective than nicotine patches, gums and any other nicotine replacements that the NHS in the UK like to suggest to help us quit smoking.

Simply put, they don't work. Not for the majority, anyway.

Electronic Cigarettes Explained

An electronic cigarette is a device that heats up a liquid nicotine solution which is widely known in the industry as e-liquid. A typical electronic cigarette comprises of a battery, clearomizer and mouthpiece - simple enough to understand, right?

The e-liquid that is heated to produce vapour and transfer nicotine to the body comes in a variety of different flavours and strengths to suit the needs of every e-cigarette user.

Although there's still a lot that is unknown about electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid that is inhaled by users, it is generally widely acknowledged and accepted that it is much better for ones health to use one of these e-cig devices than it is to smoke cigarettes.

Governments around the world are rallying to put restrictions on these devices but not because they're harmful, simply because they want control over them as they threaten to take away a lot of money from the very lucrative and highly taxed tobacco industry and companies like Totally Wicked in the UK are spending millions fighting changes.

Advice for Making the Change

The first thing you should do is your research. Learn about these devices and read up on the research that has been done to prove that this is the best way to quit smoking.

Next you are going to need to purchase your first electronic cigarette and some e-liquids to get you going - it's suggested that those new to 'vaping' start out with an inexpensive starter kit, something like the eGo CE5 single or double will be just fine for most.

You can find many great starter kits here at the E-Liquid UK Store.

Choosing the correct nicotine strength in your e-liquid is very important as a strength too high or too low can completely ruin the experience for you and put you off instantly.

If you smoked very lightly before making the switch to an e-cigarette then 0mg (zero nicotine) will be fine for you. If you smoked 5-10 cigarettes a day then you will want to go with a nicotine strength of between 6 and 12mg. If you smoked between 11 and 20 cigarettes a day then 18mg is for, and for more than 20 you will want 24mg.

Good luck - make the change and prolong your life today!

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