By: Ashley Decker

Country and Capitol

Country: Venezuela

Capital: Caracas

Currency and Current Exchange

Currency: Venezuelan Bolívar

Current Exchange: 1 United States Dollar equals 6.35 Venezuelan Bolívar

Major Exports and Imports

Major Exports: Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum, Iron Ore, Iron Reticulum, Petroleum Coke.

Major Imports: Packaged Medicaments, Ethers, Broadcasting Equipment, Other Construction Verticals, Concentrated Milk.

Packaged Medicaments

Three Major Cities

1. Caracas

2. Maracaibo

3. Valencia

Three Tourist Attractions

1. Angel Falls- It is a waterfall with a free fall drop of around 3,211 feet. It is known as the largest waterfall in Venezuela.

2. La Isla Margarita-It is suppose to remind people of the exotic Bahamas and its view of the coastline. It is also known as the Pearl of the Caribbean.

3. Pico Bolivar- It's the highest mountain in Venezuela.


The End

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