St Evan's St Peters  

Saint Evan's is located in Santa Monica,California.Our goal is to give your child/children the best education of there lives,we want to meet with the needs of your child and make sure your child is comfortable here at Saint Evan's.Our school colors are blue and gray.

At our school we want to focus more on the art field.We want our children to learn about not culture of art but to actually experience it.

Our teachers are always striving to help our students.They are always their to lend a hand.

School is in session Monday to Friday from 8am-2pm

Their are 40 in each grade
St.Evans St.Peters mission statement  is to educate and to challange all student in a safe environment so that they are prepared to be leaders in this world

Here at St.Evan St.Peter like every school deal with daily student problems and it depends on how greatly that kids actions effected the school will depend on his/hers punishment
We want our students to strive to do their best.When we see that our student is falling behind we consult the parent as well as the student
Here at our school we try to make learning fun by having the be free minded and paint anything they want sometomes and we also have fun games to be intrupeted in the classes

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