UNC Chapel Hill

This picture shows all line types such as curved, diagonal, horizontal, and vertical.

This shows the tarheel blue colror and it's very bright

This shoes hard points

This shows a great deal of value

This shows the shape of the UNC logo

This shows form by a 3D object appearing in front of a 2D

with the use of a vanishing point it appears as if franklin street dissapears in space

The shine makes it look smooth

The well is symmetrical

This picture puts emphasis on the sign so that the focal point is on it

The trees make a sense of contrast for the buildings that are completely different pictures

The branch gets flow and rhythm into the picture

This shows the proportion of the human arms and head

This shows all elements of design

very simple with just horizontal and vertical lines which makes it a great picture

This symbolizes slavery

This represents asymmetry

this shows beauty

this shows a nice pattern

This shows typography

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