Food Inspired Clothes
By:Winter Salaam

These woman are wearing the latest fashion in Rome today. They are wearing Alexandros' new fashion line, Togas.

ROME-March 5th, 3,000 B.C.E., Alexandros Gauis created his new fashion line from a dish he ate at a local eatery. He expresses his new fashion line as sweet but secretive. For short, SBS.

Gauis said, "I was in the restaurant and I ordered the dinner dish which was turkey with green grapes and red wine. When I tried it, I just wanted to savor the moment. I pulled out my sketchbook right there and then and began to draw my ideas."

Gauis knew that it was time for him to start a new clothing line. He did not have any ideas, so he decided to take a trip from Sicily to Rome.

Gauis created a brown toga, with brown sandals and a stylish headpiece. He also made a green toga with silver sandals and a necklace. And his last piece is a red toga with gold sandals and a gold long bracelet. "The red toga is my favorite. I feel like it would be expensive so only the rich and wealthy would be able to wear this specific design."

"I chose these specific colors for my line because of the colors of the food I had eaten." The brown is to represent the brown turkey. The green is for the green grapes. And the red is for the red wine that he quotes saying, "The red wine was the most extraordinary part of the meal."

Gauis' new fashion line will be coming out early Winter. Get ready for his new line Winter Wonderland.

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Slave Stands Up
By:Winter Salaam

ROME- March 1st, 3000 B.C.E., Abelia Aello is now homeless and about to be put to death for standing up. She explains that she no longer wanted to worship someone that she did not want to worship. "I just couldn't take it anymore. Every Roman household worships a spirit or a numen. I kindly told my master that I no longer wanted to worship there numen. I wanted to worship my own."

She explains how she did not like there numen. She says that because of her words that she spoke she was kicked out of the house right there and then. And they kicked her out on the streets. "I begged them for mercy. My husband warned me not to speak of my feelings to them but I just didn't listen."

We speak with her owner Arianna Agila. "Aello was out of her league. She had no right to speak to me the way that she did. I recall her getting up and telling me that our numen meant nothing to her and that she did not want to respect it nor did she respect it now." Agila claims that her feelings were hurt and that she could not have someone with such disrespectful manners living in her household. So she kicked her out.

"I tried to apologize. I told her that I have a baby on the way and that I needed this job and living space for my new baby on the way. She said that it does not matter, that I should have thought before I spoke. I wish that my husband could be here but when she kicked me out, she forced my husband to stay and forced me out splitting us apart "

Now Aello is spending her last day on earth before her baby and herself get out to death weeping wishing that her husband could be there to help her.

This is the god Zues that the houshold worshipped.
This is the god Abelia Aello wanted to worship.

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