This was the civilization of Maya which flourished between A.D.300 and 900.

It was one of the most sophisticated civilization in the Americas.

The Maya built splendid temples and pyramids and developed a complicated calendar as accurate as any in existence in the world at that time.

The Maya were a farming people who cleated the dense rain forests.

1.What did they eat?

The main food of the Mayans were corn, beans, squash, peppers,sweet potatoes,cassava.

2.How did they dress?

Mayan women usually wore long skirts and a spacious cotton shirts that covered with bandanas to cover their shoulders.Mayan men wore special pants they called "patí" with bare][ chest.

     3. How they get food?

The Mayans cultivated the land using slash or cornfield. This form was to select area of land.

4.What kind of gods did they believe in?

Hunab o hunab ku

5 How many people living lived  in Tikal?

1000.000 people living in tikal.

6 What were their cities like?

Tikal Mazapan and Copa

7 What kind of stories did they tell?

the dwarf of Uxmal

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