Project By: Jackson Gens

The ostrich may be flightless, but it can run extremely fast which is how this huge, nomadic bird escapes from predators as it roams the open grasslands in search of food. The ostrich lives on the short grass savannahs of Africa and in semi-desert regions. The male performs a courtship dance in front of a female and prepares several nests for her after mating the female selects a nest and lays her first egg, which is about 6" long. The ostrich feeds in a small group, stooping for plant material [mainly herbs, grasses, seeds, and flowers] and occasionally insects and small lizards. A key feature about the ostrich it lives on open plains where its 'watchtower' vision helps it spot predators; its group based lifestyle also gives the protection essential for exposed plains dwellers. Did you know a man weighing over 250 lbs. can stand on an ostrich egg without breaking it.

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