Hong Kong pro-democracy protestors stand ground after scuffles

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In Hong Kong on Friday a large group of pro-democracy protesters gathered in the streets around the government offices in Admiralty, Hong Kong Island. The protesters were very angry because they were promised that they would get to vote for their next leader and it hasn't happened yet. Anti-Occupy crowds were trying to stop the pro-democracy protesters. Hong Kong's leader, Chief Executive C.Y. Leung said that he would come talk to the protesters but he hasn't yet. Police are trying the calm the protesters and make it a peaceful protest and so far they haven't done a very good job.

Concepts Related to this Story

The concepts used in this story are power, authority, legitimacy, coercion and maintaining social order.

The police are trying to maintain social order by giving the protesters laws and order to follow while they are protesting. And if they don't follow the rules then they are going to be taken away from the protest. If they put up a fight or don't think that the rules and laws are legit then the police will use pepper spray to make the protesters listen to their commands.

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